Become A Sponsor Of The 2024 Money Purpose Success Summit

Become A Sponsor Of The 2024 Money Purpose Success Summit image

The #MoneyPurposeSuccess Summit (MPS) was started by Higher Purpose Co. in 2016 and continues to provide a positive space for Black-Owned businesses to learn, grow and network.

Business ownership is a great way for Black families to build generational wealth. Over the past eight years, the Women’s and Men’s Summit has been vital to the growth of business owners in the Mid-South! They both featured dynamic speakers, engaging sessions and great networking opportunities.

Combining both the Women’s & Men’s Summit, with the addition of Youth focused sessions for ages of 14-21, allows us to leverage the momentum gained from those previous summits. Now, we are building one impactful event! Our goal is to position this combined summit as the new flagship event for Mississippi! The summit anticipates 500+ attendees and will include:

  • Mixers
  • $10K Pitch Competition
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Art Exhibits
  • Dedicated Youth Workshops
  • Book Signings

Our diverse audience, predominantly comprised of ambitious women, is eager to learn, connect, and take their businesses to unprecedented heights. By choosing to sponsor the summit, you're not only aligning your brand with innovation and success but also actively contributing to the nurturing of an ecosystem where Black-owned businesses thrive. From mixers that spark collaborations to pitch competitions that could uncover the next big idea, your support will lay the groundwork for stories of triumph and resilience.

We understand the value of visibility and mutual growth, which is why our sponsorship tiers are designed to offer you unparalleled exposure while ensuring the summit's success. Whether you're drawn to the spirit of community, the promise of diversity, or the pursuit of excellence, your contribution will echo far beyond the event's two days. Join us by May 3, 2024, to secure your place among the esteemed sponsors of the Money Purpose Success Summit. Together, let's turn aspirations into achievements and foster a legacy of prosperity and purpose. Contact Briana Davis at 662-351-8849 or today to embark on this journey of impact and inspiration.

Sponsorship Tiers:
—Presenting - $100,000
—Equity - $75,000
—Money - $50,000
—Purpose - $25,000
—Success - $15,000
—Partner - $5,000

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